Crystal Meditation Series

-> Do you love CRYSTALS? Want to build your crystal collection and knowledge?
-> Are you interested in MEDITATION, but unsure where to start or just need support?
You are in the right place!

This seven class series is about learning and practicing mindfulness using crystals and meditation.

My purpose is to demystify meditation and the chakras and teach how to integrate the magic of crystals into every day life. This is for everyone with any lifestyle. As a mother of 4, I certainly don’t live a life of calm and quiet. I have to be flexible and accommodating and rarely sit down. But that doesn’t mean I need to sacrifice my own groundedness, happiness or wellness. This is my collection of practices for the busy/working/accountable person interested in mindfulness, meditation and spiritual well-being.

Because everyone deserves to be happy.

Each class of this seven class series includes:

*recorded guided meditation that builds class by class (yours forever)

*three crystals aligned to the theme and chakra of the class + info about each, their properties and how to use them daily

*a new 5-minute-meditation to keep you grounded, calm and happy throughout your day

*group Zoom class + an additional optional Zoom class for support and questions 

*Class Notes full of info about the class’s theme, crystals, and chakra of focus

PLUS journal prompts/reflections, and a ritual bath to try, recommended books and resources, as well as written description of the new guided meditation, and written description of the new 5-minute-meditation

The Seven Class Series

Class #1: Ground your energy- the root chakra + Smoky Quartz, Hematite and Black Tourmaline - March 15

Class #2: Protect your energy- the sacral chakra + Carnelian, Sunstone and Red Jasper - March 22

Class #3: Intentional Living- the solar plexus chakra + Citrine, Pyrite and Tiger’s Eye - April 19

Class #4: Practice Self Love- the heart chakra + Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine and Chrysoprase - May 24

Class #5: Honor your Truth- the throat chakra + Amazonite, Blue Lace Agate and Sodalite - June 21

Class #6: Enhance your Intuition- the third eye chakra + Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite - July 26

Class #7: Connect with Divine Guidance- the crown chakra + Clear Quartz and Selenite - August 23


This is a seven class series where we will build a crystal collection + meditation practice from the root up, literally. 


By the end of this series you will own:

*a daily meditation practice, complete with 7 recorded, guided meditations 

*a crystal collection of 21 crystals and a working knowledge of each/their properties and how to use them in your everyday life

*8 different 5-minute-meditations to support your daily life and mindfulness

*a basic understanding of the chakra system and how to keep your own balanced

*seven classes worth of journal prompts and ritual baths for repeated use and reflection

*a working knowledge of meditation, crystals, the chakras, where the three merge and how this practice can impact your mindfulness, wellness and happiness!



Each class: $125

Whole 7 class series: $700 (value of $875)

Refer/bring a friend: 20% off ONE class for BOTH of you


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*Can't wait to work with you!*